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Zambrero, Mexican Restaurant – Dubbo

Overall I give Zambrero Dubbo 7 mild jalapenos out of 10.

If it’s not pies it’s Mexican food… I know that’s what you’re thinking but give me time, I will eat at other places too.

Firstly, I LOVE Mexican food. I have had an addiction to it that I haven’t been able to kick, or wanted to, since I went to Mexico back in 2000.

I’ve eaten burritos a high percentage of each and every week since then and they never get old. They truly are an amazing dish, engineered to perfection many many years ago in a back alley somewhere deep in Mexico.

Though before we look at Zambrero I need to share this with you. I believe there are 2 places that Mexican food is at its best, that is from a street food outlet in Mexico or homemade. I just don’t think you can get anything as good from a fast food chain anywhere else unfortunately. I’d love to be proven wrong so please do so if you can.

Hear me right in this though, these are the number 1 and 2 places to get it. But, you can still get great Mexican food elsewhere, it’s just that position 3 is probably the highest they can hope to achieve. It’s a good spot though, it’s only 2 off the pace!

In all this I’m only thinking of Burritos and Tacos, soft tacos that is as hard taco shells are not tacos. Maybe you will get good nachos, or even the hard shell fake tacos in places other than the ones mentioned above. But I’m not interested in those products so you can make your own call on those. (You can make your own call on burritos too to be honest as I’m not the boss of you.)

So here’s a photo of my burrito. To the untrained eye this is a boring photo, but to the trained eye this, well is still a boring photo but it’s a burrito. They aren’t the most pretty things to look at but their beauty lies within.

Burrito - Yum

And here’s a look at the inside…

Mexican Food - Burrito

This is Zambrero’s classic burrito, to be honest for the cost I think it should include a little more. I asked my server to put everything on it that normally comes on it. But then she started asking if I want this and that including beans. I thought these must have been extra’s so again said put everything on it that would normally come on it. It’s $11.90 already and I think that’s a little steep for athe classic, although about average for a burrito it seems. But as usual I wanted to taste their standard toppings.

Though after looking at their website I’m not so sure anymore that beans were extra. So that brings me to the point that their menu is a little confusing, as with all Mexican take away chains it seems. You choose this and then that and add bits and pieces which may or may not cost extra.

The reason I don’t like this is not just that the end price is confusing to work out, but I just want to say “1 burrito please” and step back while they make it. Ask me what meat I want and how hot the sauce is I want but other than that put the standard fillings on and leave me be. I’d probably accept being asked at the end if I want extras, but during the making of it just put it on if I didn’t ask you not to. Take away is meant to be easy, not full of decisions once you’ve already decided you will have a burrito!

Anyway, so I get this burrito home and start eating it. Then I realise that is has the same issue most cylindrically wrapped food has. All the meat is on one side, the salad on the other, and it’s too wide to take as a whole bite so sometimes you’re eating just salad, other times just meat, and only about 30-50% of the time getting it all.

But then it hit me, something I’m sure you’ve discovered much earlier on than me due to your high level of common sense. You can just squish and manipulate it until there is even distribution. I’m not sure if this will work with foods that have a more solid outer like the kebab but this discovery has the potential to change a life. Here is the after photo.

New improved burrito

Ok, so taste. It was fresh, but to be honest they could have been more generous on the meat. There is supposedly 3 types of salsa on here, which I’m not sure what they are but it’s tasty. I went the Jalapenos and the hottest salsa they offer, because as a great friend once said “every so often you have to challenge your body.”

I was a little let down to find that it actually wasn’t that spicy. There was a little heat but nothing that had me reaching for a drink or breaking even a mild sweat.

So all in all, it’s tasty food and it’s the best Mexican food Dubbo has to offer in my opinion. I’d recommended it if your in the mood for something from that part of the world. I’ll even be back when I crave Mexican take away but it’s not like I discovered something mind blowing.

Oh, another thing definitely worth mentioning is that their tag line is “Mexican with a mission.” I hear them advertise on the radio that for every meal you buy they give one to the needy. I’m not sure when or how they do this but that is a good reason to visit and if they really do that I’m happy to pay a little more.

Alright I decided not to be lazy, here’s a snippet from their website about that:

Zambrero have joined forces with Rise Against Hunger, formerly known as Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief agency, to deliver nutritious meals to those who need it most across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Locally, Zambrero partner with Foodbank providing a meal to an Australian in need every time someone purchases a product from Zambrero’s retail range.

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3 thoughts on “Zambrero, Mexican Restaurant – Dubbo

  1. I am a Mexican food fanatic. It started way back when I used to work at a Mexican food restaurant. (They didn’t have the best food though). Then I moved to CA and got spoiled with the Mexican food there. And unbelievably, there is a great restaurant in the town I live in. SCORE! Great review! There are never enough reviews of Mexican food! Nor is there enough time to eat as many burritos as we want!

  2. I love Mexican food. I grew up in the states and after living many years in the South, Mexican food is in my heart. I’m on the Sunshine Coast and I don’t have a ‘local’ here that I adore. Loved the squeezing to get everything together.

  3. I’m a self confessed Mexican food addict myself and totally agree that homemade or the real deal is the best. I was just having that discussion last week with my family when we were having trouble finding a GOOD Mexican restaurant in Sydney. We are going to try Flying Fajita Sisters in Glebe next, apparently they’re the best in Sydney.
    Though as far as fast chain food stores go, I like Zambreros. Even more for their Mexican with a Mission initiative, such a great idea!

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