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Wing Shack Kings Park

I give Wing Shack 5.5 out of 10 Tempura Battered Rings

Wing Shack is a long way out if you’re driving from some parts of Sydney but if you check out their Instagram page it looks like it’s 100% worth it!

So after approximately 47 hours of travel, and a quick snack at Gami Chicken and Beer first, I finally arrive… to what looked like your everyday take away shop in an industrial area. But taste is king and that’s what I’m all about!

The plan was to taste the wings and a few sides, then order the burgers and try them. I was there with a couple of mates, these guys https://www.instagram.com/foodsafariadventures/, so we ordered the following.

Craggily Original Wings

Craggily Original Wings. The outside is crunchy, the chicken is cooked well, but somehow it’s like the 2 are barely connected. The coating on them is very thick, which you’d think would be a positive. But it’s so thick it has this kind of bready texture layer on the inside.

Nashville Shack Style Wings

Nashville Shack Style Wings. These seem to just be the Craggily Original wings with sauce poured over them at the end.

Loaded Fries by Wing Shack

Loaded Fries. These were actually pretty good.

Onion Rings by Wing Shack

Onion Rings. These have a tempura batter which is different. They taste good but not good enough to come just for theses.

Buttermilk Biscuits by Wing Shack

Buttermilk Biscuits. Quite tasty and not something you get in many places in Australia.

Unfortunately it’s not worth the drive and we weren’t interested in tasting the burgers after this feed. I mean, the place is called Wing Shack, that should be the best product they sell.

Wing Shack Location

1/178 Sunnyholt Rd, Kings Park NSW 2148

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