We were on a break!!! ;)

It’s been a busy time in my life since my last post, I’m still enjoying food, still getting out there and trying new restaurants and food but just been away from the keyboard for a little while.

I’ve actually been to quite a few places but made the choice of not taking photos yet just been enjoying the company that I’m with, the food, and the atmosphere, without thinking about the details needed to write about it.

It’s been nice to be honest.

In this time I’ve had some collaboration requests and apologise for those I didn’t get back to. Send me a message again of exactly what you’re thinking and we’ll if we can tee it up.

I’ll be back soon though, I don’t think life will get any less busy, and don’t worry this isn’t one of those I’ve been going through dark times posts, but I’ll start to think more about what I can do in terms of sharing new experiences.

On that note, if you have been going through dark things please reach out to someone. You’re important to more people than you realise and there’s no point just trudging along through this life, each out to people, find someone who cares about you and will listen, they’re out there.

So here’s what I’d love. I want to ask for your suggestions on places I should eat at.

The new stuff, the different stuff, the street food, and of course the burgers.

I love when I get messages along the lines of “it may sound weird, but you HAVE to try this thing and this place” that is the stuff I live for. The different, not the latest trend so much but the food that really should be the latest trend or at the very least needs to be tried by more people.

So, comment such places/dishes below or DM me on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/chriswaghorn/ and I’ll see what I can do.

Anyway, have a great day, eat well, got to hear from you in one way or another soon.

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