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The Verdict is in on the KFC Hawaiian Double

Ok, that headline is a lie, the jury is still technically out.

I was not only able to meet up with my brother Colin once, but twice since writing this post. Though I feel that before we even had our first bite of the Hawaiian double that the bitter taste of disappointment had already infected our mouths therefore not allowing us to experience what the good Colonel Sanders had intended for us.

Our first experience was 3 weeks ago and Revesby KFC, name and shame people, name and shame. Our order came and we took it to a table to eat in, we unwrapped that magnificent beast, we spread our chips out alongside it, and we admired the Double for a little while whilst beginning on our chips. Then it hit me, there was no pineapple on our Hawaiian Double! The very thing that allows the use of the word Hawaiian as I’m sure is well documented in the constitution or some such piece of writing.

For example, the Hawaiian Pizza without the pineapple is simply a Ham and Cheese pizza, you can’t legally use the word Hawaiian on a food that doesn’t contain pineapple.

So Colin approached the counter to complain and you know what their solution was?! They grabbed a cardboard container that looked like it would normally contain salad or something similar that shouldn’t be in a KFC to begin with, slapped a couple of pieces of pineapple in it and handed it over to him so that we could put our own on.

This obviously doesn’t work, but we reluctantly did their job for them and placed the pineapple on ourselves though now it tasted like a normal Double with Pineapple and not the intended Hawaiian Double. The flavours didn’t have enough time or heat to infuse, you need to put the pineapple on from the beginning along with the other ingredients, wrap that thing tight and allow the initial heat of the chicken straight from the holding bay combined with the pressure applied by the wrapper to do its job.

We ate, we left, still feeling like we had a Double Hawaiian shaped hole in our hearts, wondering if it would ever be filled.

So then yesterday was redemption day for KFC. I went all the way back to Sydney just for this moment, and we shared it with other family members. Colin went to Riverwood this time to buy 4 of them, take away, thus meaning they would definitely have the required flavour infusing time. What I didn’t know though as I waited for his return was that all he would come home with was another let down, a double letdown too.

Upon ordering he was informed they had no pineapple in stock!! He must have sat there for what felt like eternity contemplating life and the future we all had with KFC, was the relationship worth it or was it time to cut our ties. I don’t think we have an answer to this yet but disappointment is a hard weight to bear and I feel over the coming weeks some tough decisions may need to be made.

I admire the guy though, he returned with the pineapple-less Doubles, that would have taken a lot of courage, to continue with the plan at hand despite being kicked in the guts yet again. So once more we sat down to eat something that was not the Hawaiian Double, and once again we started with the chips… only to be kicked yet another time by the boot of ineptness.

The chips had no seasoning!!! Not one tiny little bit, nothing, zip, nil, nadda. When KFC get their chips right there is no competition from any of the other take away shops. But when they get them wrong, boy do they get them wrong. We tried putting salt on them and yes they became edible but by now the room was full of broken hearts and dreams.

KFC you need to take a good hard look at yourself and your staff.

Where to find them

166 The River Rd, Revesby NSW 2212

Phone: (02) 9772 2241
Website: https://www.kfc.com.au/restaurants/kfc-revesby/2212

KFC Revesby on the web

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KFC-119057681524235/
Zomato: https://www.zomato.com/sydney/kfc-revesby
Tripadvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g4367876-d4786509-Reviews-KFC-Revesby_Bankstown_Greater_Sydney_New_South_Wales.html

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