Maryville Tavern Burger
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The Maryville Tavern, Newcastle

I give The Maryville Tavern a solid 7 Coopers onion rings out of 10. With plenty of potential for more.

Popping into The Maryville Tavern for a bite to eat was a really nice experience. It’s a pub feel up front but very family friendly out back. Kind of the opposite to a mullet hair cut.

You can access the restaurant without going through the bar if you prefer too via the back.

There’s quite a bit of indoor and outdoor seating and the outdoor area has a good vibe to it. Great place for a weekend lunch.

I started with the Salt & Pepper Squid, I kind of think it’s not that hard to get this right. But they get it very right. So tasty.

Salt and epper Squid with Garlic Aioli from The Maryville Tavern
Salt and Pepper Squid

Here’s a thing I learned too, if a restaurant serves a slice of lemon or lime or some other condiment with your meal ALWAYS give it a good try. I’ve been caught before, thinking something like why would I want lemon with this chicken for example. Then on my last mouthful try it and boom! Mind. Blown. Instant regret that I didn’t put it on the rest of the chicken.

Try it, flavour enhanced.

The Diablo Burger

The Diablo Burger has an Angus beef pattie, roast garlic aioli, maple bacon, Swiss cheese, Coopers onion rings, and Jalapeno relish.

This is a great burger, I really enjoyed the Jalapeno relish, it was like a replacement for your standard pickles. A real good subsitute too.

The bun is super soft too, love that. Maybe a little too soft to hold the insides well, but so tasty.

And look at that think cheesey covered meat pattie! Yum.

Burger Special from the Maryville Tavern

Go there, eat, and be merry.

Oh, check out their menu too, they have great names for their kids menu meals.

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