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Sydney restaurant reviews by me, a food blogger who loves trying new places. These are all the food spots that I have eaten at and reviewed in the Sydney area.

I stay as unbiased as humanly possible, I pay my own way too so there’s no freebies to entice me to give better reviews.

I love exploring Sydney and all the food it has to offer. Whether it be food stalls, restaurants, or take away style shops I’m always up to try something new and share my experience.

You’ll see lots of photos up on my Instagram account but be sure to come back here, see where I’ve been and read my reviews.

I also do reviews for Dubbo restaurants and Newcastle restaurants… and other food outlets. Everything I take a road trip or am able to visit other places I eat, at all the places I can. So I also have reviews from other NSW restaurants and some from Queensland.

But that’s not everywhere I plan to go, I’m starting to get a good food list together of places I’ve heard or seen good things about too from other areas.

The Choc Pot 0

The Choc Pot Sydney

I give The Choc Pot 7.5 pots of chocolate out of 10. After a big meal, on this occasion it was Chicken & Sons, what we all need is a big dessert and the...

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts Barangaroo 0

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts Barangaroo, Sydney

I’m giving Shortstop Coffee & Donuts6.5 salty doughnut rings out of 10. Firstly, I just realised Shortstop Coffee & Donuts spell it donut and not doughnut. It took me a while to come around...