Cafe Food & Restaurant Reviews

Dahab Cafe, Dubbo

Dahab Cafe. If you’re after a nice lunch that you can count on being consistent in taste and quality each time you go there then give Dahab Cafe a go. If you’re wondering what to order or can’t make up your mind then I highly recommend starting with the Dahab Chicken. There has been times […]


Sushi Zen, Sushi Train – Dubbo NSW

I’m giving Sushi Zen 8 grains of sushi rice out of 10. Another fortnight had passed so it was time to get the local crew together and visit a Dubbo restaurant. This time we went to Sushi Zen, Dubbo’s first, and only, sushi train. We had the usual suspects joining us for dinner but a couple of noticeable absences too. […]


Royal India Restobar – Dubbo, NSW

I give Royal India Restobar 7 mysteriously absent pappadums out of 10. The Royal India Restobar is one of Dubbo’s newest restaurants and I had heard good things about it. Therefore I was really looking forward to trying it out. On this occasion I dined with 9 other people as part of my work’s social club. This […]

Burgers Chicken Dessert Fried Chicken Fries/Chips

The Monkey Bar Dubbo

I give The Monkey Bara solid 6.5 Beer Battered Chips out of 10. I headed off to The Monkey Bar with the same group from when I went to the Pastoral Hotel. This time though our group had expanded by another 3. It was a great night hanging out with them all. But let’s talk food. […]

Burgers Chicken Dessert Fries/Chips Schnitzel Steak

Pastoral Hotel – Dubbo NSW

I give the Pastoral Hotel 7 tasty-burgers-made-upstairs-but-only-served-downstairs out of 10 Tonight’s dining experience took me to the Pastoral Hotel in Dubbo. They recently started having a “Freak Burger” night on Wednesdays. It’s one of those themed nights where each week they serve up a different burger and shake. It was great to be joined by the […]

Chicken Fries/Chips Pasta Steak

Cattleman’s Restaurant – Dubbo NSW

Overall I give the Cattleman’s 3.5 off the shelf bottles of sauce out of 10 In a prior life I had always thought that restaurants attached to most smaller accommodation types, such as the Cattleman’s, had been just like an add on. They provide a little breakfast, maybe off the shelf stuff with a little bacon […]


Zambrero, Mexican Restaurant – Dubbo

Overall I give Zambrero Dubbo 7 mild jalapenos out of 10. If it’s not pies it’s Mexican food… I know that’s what you’re thinking but give me time, I will eat at other places too. Firstly, I LOVE Mexican food. I have had an addiction to it that I haven’t been able to kick, or wanted to, since […]