Sushi Zen, Sushi Train Dubbo

Sushi Zen, Sushi Train – Dubbo NSW

I’m giving Sushi Zen 8 grains of sushi rice out of 10.

Another fortnight had passed so it was time to get the local crew together and visit a Dubbo restaurant. This time we went to Sushi Zen, Dubbo’s first, and only, sushi train.

We had the usual suspects joining us for dinner but a couple of noticeable absences too. We’re trying to get a certain spray painter to attend but he is a busy lad. Also one of the usual’s pulled another sister out of her hat. I’m not sure how many she has in total but time will tell.

Sushi Zen is a nice little place to eat in. It’s modern, clean, and as with most Sushi trains you get to sit and watch the food being made. It’s a good atmosphere and speaks to how fresh the dishes are. They haven’t been chugging around on the train all day long.

Sushi Train

Something I didn’t know and I want to inform the people of Dubbo of is that you can get take away. Sushi Zen is also open until 9pm. So when the other shops are closed you can still get your fix to take home and eat in front of the TV.

You simply walk in, pull what you want off the sushi train and fill up a take away container.

Apart from having a couple of dishes from the Sushi Train I decided to order something off the menu as well. I had my reservations about eating just from the train, wondering how much it’ll end up costing me and if I would be full before my wallet was empty. But as they had other menu items I also wanted to try something from the kitchen.

The lady next to me, who I think runs a handbag shop from home as she always has them up for sale on Facebook, ate just from the train. She, as was I, at the end of the night was as full as a goog, and didn’t have bill shock either. It turns out she only spent about $15, so a pretty reasonably priced meal.

She rated the quality of the sushi very high and thoroughly enjoyed all that she ate.

I paid a little more but I too very much enjoyed the flavours and quality of the food.

I ordered the Katsu Ramen for $13 and got all this:

Katsu Ramen - Sushi Zen

It was quite delicious, the chicken was a little strong in the Katsu sauce department by the time I finished, but that’s a bit of a personal thing possibly. Other than that it had good taste, was a very generous size, and was enjoyable.

We had all sorts of dishes from the Sushi Train and here are some of them:

Sushi Dubbo
Dubbo Sushi Train

The sisters also shared a salmon board which was made to order.

Salmon Board - Sushi Zen

Looks delicious doesn’t it?! Yum.

They also ordered some tuna sashimi which the staff were happy to make fresh as there was currently none on the train.

If you’ve ever been to a sushi place that has the pink coloured ginger to put on your food and haven’t done it then you have to try it. It’s so good.

Sushi Ginger

I recommend trying Sushi Zen, the food was delicious, the service was great, and the company was fantastic. That last one you’ll have to work on yourself though.

Sushi Zen Website

They don’t seem to have a website so here’s a link to their Facebook page

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