Shortstop Coffee & Donuts Barangaroo

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts Barangaroo, Sydney

I’m giving Shortstop Coffee & Donuts
6.5 salty doughnut rings out of 10.

Firstly, I just realised Shortstop Coffee & Donuts spell it donut and not doughnut. It took me a while to come around to the fact that the correct spelling is doughnut and now donut looks a little weird. Anyway, that’s just me thinking out loud.

We drove in to Barangaroo and as there is practically zero parking spaces on the street we found a parking station. As we drove in though we saw a guy reverse out from where the ticket boom gate is and start to do a u-turn. I speculated that maybe the price was a little steep for him but I knew who I was with and I was pretty sure we’d all be happy enough to share the cost.

So we drive in and see what it would cost us. Then we reverse out and start our u-turn too. $29 for 0-1hr. That is just ridiculous!! We would have paid somewhere in the teens but not that high!! We found Wilson Parking around the corner were far more reasonable at $9 for 0-30mins, though it did jump to $27 from 30mins-1hr. So yeah if you’re going to Barangaroo for a day out it’s definitely a place where all the public transport costs added up for your group would still be cheaper than driving.

Also, a quick note on the branding. I kept forgetting the name of this shop. I don’t think I saw Shortstop written anywhere within the shop or on the outside signage. Not something I’d normally comment on. But when trying to find it and then thinking back to what it was called as we spoke about our experience later in the day I had to keep looking up an article where I first read about it to be reminded of it’s name.

Shortstop Barangaroo

Anyway, we were here for the doughnuts.

If you’re into more of a dense cake like doughnut then Shortstop is for you. I though am more of a light and fluffy, more traditional doughnut kind of guy. So unfortunately for Shortstop Coffee & Donuts they will not be receiving the Chris Waghorn’s Number 1 Doughnut Shop trophy. Which we all know is a very coveted piece of silverware (haha as if!).

Coffee and Donuts Barangaroo

We bought around 8 or so and most flavours were nice. I’d personally love to taste them on a less cakey doughnut and see what they’re like.

Here’s what I want you to do though, go there and try the Australian Honey and Sea Salt doughnut, which is one of the churros shaped ones.

There’s a crispy outside and not much cakey inside due to the shape but the flavour is packed in there. This is one of those foods that I found so different I wasn’t sure if I loved it or not but I want to eat it more. I think I would continue eating it always wondering if I like it or not but also always wanting to take more bites to find out if I can discover an answer.

It is just so salty and different. With the added honey I guess it has the same texture as you’d expect from a doughnut dropped into, and allowed to soak up, a sugar syrup. For some I think it’s way too much of a salt shock and they hand it back saying it’s not for them. As a matter of fact at least one person we got to try it did that.

You need to try it for yourself as it’s not something you’ll find in a doughnut very often at all.

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