Here’s how the coloured markers work on my restaurant reviews and recommendations map:

[Blue marker] I’ve heard or seen good things about this place and am keen to try it

[Green star] Great food, eat here every day of the week 7/10 – 9/10

[Grey star] Has potential, give it a go and see what you think 6ish/10

[Red cross] I wouldn’t bother, go somewhere tastier 5/10 or below

Above is all my restaurant reviews and recommendations on a map. You can open this up in google maps to easily navigate to different restaurants and other food and drink places. My friends and I find it useful when trying to plan food safaris where we’ll visit 3-4 places, or more, in a day.

The main areas that I visit are Sydney, Newcastle, and Dubbo but you will also find other places on the map. As stated above if they are in blue then I have heard and seen good things about these places and hope to get there one day. The ones marked in green I have actually visited and I myself recommend these restaurants.

Sometimes they’re highly recommended, other times they are good local spots that you’ll get tasty food at even if it’s not mind blowing.

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