Racine Bakery in Orange NSW has some fantastic product that you should try if in the area
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Racine Bakery, Orange

I’m giving Racine Bakery 8.5 warm, fresh croissants out of 10 even though I clearly haven’t eaten enough of their delicious looking products. I just think it is a bakery done right and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Today I was in Orange, so to feed my latest habit of eating all the food I thought I should try somewhere new while there. Therefore I did a little research before I went and decided to check out Racine Bakery. The thing is though it’s much easier to find online than it is in real life, even when you have the address and a GPS.

The address is 166B Summer St, Orange NSW, but the thing is that if you go to this address there is no bakery in sight. But as, from what I’d seen, it looked so good I didn’t want to give up on it that easy. After wandering around for a bit I noticed that if you look through Best & Less it has a back door so I ducked through there to see what was out the back, and I found it!

The easiest way to find it is to go into the Woolworths carpark and you’ll see it tucked away in a little corner beside Best & Less.

The next little problem I had though is that I had just come from a very well catered training course so wasn’t actually that hungry. I decided there no way I could fit in any sweet treats but that I better grab a plain pie so that I can at least taste something from here. I think a pie can give a good indication of what a bakery is like though so this isn’t a bad place to start.

Racine Bakery in Orange NSW make some seriously good pies

It was a good pie!! The ingredients taste quality and it has a really well flavoured filling. The only thing I wasn’t the biggest fan of was the size of the onion slices in it, they were quite big for a plain pie. I think onion in a plain pie is fine if it works with the overall flavour but it needs to be finely chopped. Leave the bigger pieces for pies that have onion in their name, that’s my two cents worth.

I will definitely be visiting again to smash a whole bunch of their other bakery goods though as they looked amazing. Not to mention their tasty looking speciality breads and pastries.

The place has a great feel to it, there’s a good variety of products and the staff were friendly.

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