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Pattysmiths Toowoomba

I give Pattysmiths of Towoomba
8.5 well loaded onion rings out of 10

Pattysmiths has a few locations across Queensland and Victoria and according to their website,, a few more on the way.

Pattysmiths - Handcrafted Premium Burgers

If they can replicate the quality that they have in their Toowoomba store across all of their stores then they are on to a winner. Their food doesn’t take like franchised food.

It tastes like the person who has the passion for cooking the burgers and growing a successful business is running the show at Toowoomba. I don’t where the original shop was but this tastes like this was it.

Am I making sense?

I’m just saying that with any franchise I usually expect a little lower grade food. Something that is easy to repeat and doesn’t take the best chef to cook. But Pattysmiths Toowoomba tastes like a stand alone shop, with quality ingredients and made by people with a passion for their food. You know, kinda like Holy Heffa, a place driven by people with a passion for quality burgers.

I want to eat my way through their entire menu when I can, but on this occasion started with the loaded onion rings.

Loaded Onion Rings!!

Pattysmiths Loaded Onion Rings

How are these not served at more places?! Everyone does loaded fries, but not many do loaded onion rings. And they are the bomb diggity.

They have cheese sauce, crispy bacon, and spring onions on them. Plus these guys will load anything it seems. You can get loaded fries, chips, or sweet potato fries too.

Making a burger choice was a difficult one, but I spied The Original Pattysmiths and thought that would be a great place to start… that is until I saw the Pattysmiths Double with Bacon. Now that is the burger I should start with!

Pattysmiths double with bacon

This is full of double beef pattys, double American cheddar, bacon, lettuce, BBQ sauce, gherkin relish, and smokey Pattysmiths sauce.

This was a great burger, so tasty. It all worked so well and I really enjoyed their gherkin relish, it’s different but good. It’s a great burger.

When you first open the box it’s also wrapped pretty. Like a little gift carefully wrapped and presented to you.

I say get to a Pattysmiths if you can and try their delicious food.

Pattysmiths Toowoomba

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Westridge Shopping Centre, Toowoomba QLD
300 West St, Kearneys Spring QLD 4350

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