Zambrero, Mexican Restaurant – Dubbo

Overall I give Zambrero Dubbo 7 mild jalapenos out of 10. If it’s not pies it’s Mexican food… I know that’s what you’re thinking but give me time, I will eat at other places too. Firstly, I LOVE Mexican food. I have had an addiction to it that I haven’t been able to kick, or wanted to, since […]

Bakery Cafe Pies

Racine Bakery, Orange

I’m giving Racine Bakery 8.5 warm, fresh croissants out of 10 even though I clearly haven’t eaten enough of their delicious looking products. I just think it is a bakery done right and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. Today I was in Orange, so to feed my latest habit of eating all the food I thought I […]

Greek Gyros

Mega Gyros – Charlestown, Newcastle

Unfortunately Mega Gyros Charlestown is another great food shop who no long exist. The other night I was in Charlestown and wanted some quick take away, I don’t know the area that well but just drove around to see if I could find anything. That’s when I stumbled upon Mega Gyros. Firstly the place looks and […]


Doughheads – The Junction, Newcastle

I give Dougheads a 9 yummy caramel filled doughnuts out of 10 Mmmmmmm Doughnuts I have to admit when donuts went from being multiple for a couple of dollars to $4+ each my already low consumption numbers dropped even further. But more recently my eyes have been opened and I now know spending money on […]


Heatherbrae’s Pies

I give Heatherbrae’s Pies 3.5 frozen pies out of 10. As you drive up, or down, the highway there are billboards everywhere advertising Heatherbrae’s Pies so you think these pies must be something you have to try! They advertise that they’re both Premium Pies and Award Winning, and when you walk in you can see a […]

Hot Dogs Pies

Harry’s Café de Wheels #DirtyStreetPie

I easily give Harry’s Cafe de Wheels 8.5 of the tastiest Chunky Beef Pies out of 10. Harry’s Café de Wheels is a great place to go when you want dependable, very tasty, food as it’s always consistent. That sounds like I’m not giving it the best wrap, but it really is great, the pies for instance are pies you could eat […]

Burgers Fries/Chips

Best Burger I’ve Ever Eaten. Holy Heffa Burger Truck – Edensor Park, Sydney

I clearly give Holy Heffa 9.5 of the tastiest burgers you’ve ever eaten out of 10. I know that is a big call, best burger I’ve ever eaten, but I stand by it. The first time I went was with a friend and my brother and we were absolutely blown away by the flavours Holy […]


Mr Crackles – Darlinghurst, Sydney

I give this shop 9 delicious piglets out of 10 – You need to try this!! I’ve been to Sydney a few times lately and once again this meant trying some great new places to eat with my brother. The first one we went to is called Mr Crackles, which on Oxford Street in Sydney […]

Burgers Fried Chicken Fries/Chips

The Verdict is in on the KFC Hawaiian Double

Ok, that headline is a lie, the jury is still technically out. I was not only able to meet up with my brother Colin once, but twice since writing this post. Though I feel that before we even had our first bite of the Hawaiian double that the bitter taste of disappointment had already infected our mouths […]

Burgers Chicken Chicken Tenders Fried Chicken Fries/Chips

KFC Hawaiian Double Down

It’s back!!! The Double down is back and in a Hawaiian version this time, which I think means they put a piece of pineapple on it because we all know that makes any meal Hawaiian like when I had Hawaiian Fruit Loops the other morning, anyway… As you can see from the above picture the […]