Sushi Zen, Sushi Train Dubbo

Sushi Zen, Sushi Train – Dubbo NSW

I’m giving Sushi Zen 8 grains of sushi rice out of 10. Another fortnight had passed so it was time to get the local crew together and visit a Dubbo restaurant. This time we went to Sushi Zen, Dubbo’s first, and only, sushi train. We had the usual suspects joining us for dinner but a couple of noticeable absences too. […]

Royal India Restobar

Royal India Restobar – Dubbo, NSW

I give Royal India Restobar 7 mysteriously absent pappadums out of 10. The Royal India Restobar is one of Dubbo’s newest restaurants and I had heard good things about it. Therefore I was really looking forward to trying it out. On this occasion I dined with 9 other people as part of my work’s social club. This […]

Pie in the Sky Cowan or Brooklyn depending on who you ask
Fries/Chips Pies

Pie in the Sky, Cowan

I give Pie in the Sky, Cowan,1 bitter disappointment pie out of 10. I’ve debated as to whether I should write about my experience at Pie in The Sky, Cowan, or just let it pass and not worry. Then I remembered the oath I took when becoming a food blogger “I will share an unbiased view […]

Doughnut Time, Newtown, Sydney, NSW

Doughnut Time – Newtown, Sydney, NSW

All NSW Doughnut Time locations have shut down, so if you want one of their doughnuts you’ll have to take a road trip to Queensland or Victoria. I give Doughnut Time… 6 very non-descriptive doughnut names, out of 10. It’s a long weekend and I’m in Sydney. Which means it’s time to try some new food places, […]