Shortstop Coffee & Donuts Barangaroo

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts Barangaroo, Sydney

I’m giving Shortstop Coffee & Donuts6.5 salty doughnut rings out of 10. Firstly, I just realised Shortstop Coffee & Donuts spell it donut and not doughnut. It took me a while to come around to the fact that the correct spelling is doughnut and now donut looks a little weird. Anyway, that’s just me thinking […]

Knafeh Street Food Sydney

Knafeh – Sydney – Jerusalem Street Food

I give Knafeh 8.5 Lebanese drums out of 10. Visiting Knafeh is a food experience that I really recommend. There’s singing, there’s dancing, and there’s a single dish that is done very well. That’s right, they serve only one dish. This is actually a huge attraction to me. This is the essence of street food […]

Osaka Trading Co - Tramsheds, Harold Park

Osaka Trading Co Tramsheds, Harold Park, Sydney

Based on these dishes, the atmosphere, and the service we received, I give Osaka Trading Co 6.5 deep fried creatures out 10. I Have a Feeling they have more to give though. The Osaka Trading Co was another restaurant we visited while I was on my Food Safari with my brother in Sydney recently. The thing […]