Fries/Chips Halal Snack Pack Kebab Pizza

TC Brothers Bankstown

I give TC Brothers 7.5 out of 10 protein stars TC Brothers do some of Sydney’s best Kebabs, Snack Packs, and Pizzas. I usually go there for a Halal Snack Pack because where I come from you can’t get one anywhere near as good as theirs. Looks at how much goodness is jam packed into […]

Burgers Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Wings

Juicy Lucy Chicken Sydney

MOVED: Juicy Lucy have closed their doors in Surry Hills but have a pop-up at The Regent Hotel in Kingsford but will move back to the city at some point. My Rating: An easy 8 fried and perfectly seasoned chicken tenders out of 10. I found out about the Juicy Lucy chicken shop in Surry Hills via […]

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Burgers Fries/Chips Gluten Free Options Hot Dogs

Sneaky Burger Wollongong

While in Sydney for no real reason, except of course to eat more good food, the bro and I popped down for a little sneaky burger at Sneaky Burger in Wollongong. Sneaky sneaky. They have 2 locations, Wollongong and Albion Park Rail, and this time we chose the one at Wollongong. We had the address […]

Chocolate Dessert Ice Cream

The Choc Pot Sydney

I give The Choc Pot 7.5 pots of chocolate out of 10. After a big meal, on this occasion it was Chicken & Sons, what we all need is a big dessert and the Choc Pot is a good place to get that. So my brother and I take the Victorian cousins over to The […]

Fries/Chips Greek Gyros

Niko’s Kitchen – Kingsgrove, Sydney NSW

EDIT: Niko’s Kithchen Kingsgrove is now closed but there’s still one in Dulwich Hill… let’s hope they serve at least slightly better meals there! I give Niko’s Kitchen 5 stale pork cracklings out of 10 I had friends talk about wanting to try Niko’s Kitchen, and seen others had some great looking food photos from […]