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Milky Lane Newcastle

I give Milky Lane Newcastle a solid 8 creamy and delicious looking cocktails out of 10

For those regular followers you would have read on my Foghorn Brewhouse post that I’ve gone into Milky Lane over-snacked. But not to worry, I got this. I had a short walk between the two places and a long look at the menu. Milky Lane had my full attention, even if it had to share what room was left in my stomach from Foghorn Brewhouse’s offerings.

I sit down at the bar and look at the menu, taking my time to choose and a moment to let me food settle. As I watched the bartenders made some amazing looking cocktails. The sort that you would drink forgetting they contained alcohol, until you tried standing up, because they were so damn delicious.

Lots of milkshakes were going out, both with alcohol and without, and other fancy cocktails. I wanted to try one but I just knew it would fill me up too much so focused my sights on the prize. Milky Lane’s food. And in particular their burgers.

Milk Lane's Bar, flowing with cocktails and other drinks

I decided on the Chic-Kanye burger. It starts with Crispy Southern Fried Chicken and I can’t go past fried chicken. It’s my first choice when trying a new place. I know it’s not good for my body but it makes my heart happy… but not like in a medical way of course. That’s topped with Crispy Maple Smoked Bacon, Double American Cheese, Carolina Slaw, Butter Leaf Lettuce, ML BBQ Sauce, Habanero Pineapple Relish, ML Sauce.

Chic-Kanye Burger from Milky Lane
Chic-Kanye Burger

Then for variety I had to try the latest craze that I’m seeing in restaurants that serve burgers these days. The Iceburg Lettuce “bun”. I believe this started with the carb-free dieting craze but it’s also good for those who need to eat Gluten Free. Also I guess if you’re after a lighter meal, it takes away the filling burger bun.

So the choice was the Big L Burger. Which has Char Grilled Free Range Organic Chicken Breast, Sliced & Coated in a Portuguese Chilli Marinade, Swiss Cheese, Garlic Mayo, Shredded Iceberg Lettuce. Hey, if you’re going a lettuce bun why not try the “healthiest” sounding burger on the menu.

Big L Burger on a Lettuce Bun from Milky Lane Newcastle
Big L Burger cut to expose the inside better

The following burger was served up first and confused me as it looked like nothing ordered. But not one to miss an opportunity I took a photo for the blog and the insta.

Random Burger served up at Milky Lane Newcastle

There’s a good vibe about this place, some great artwork on the walls, and a lot of fluro too!

Milky Lane Wall Artwork
Milky Lane Wall Artwork

I enjoyed it, I’ll be back to try some more of their menu items. This time on an emptier stomach so I can try their sides, shakes, and desserts.

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