Mega Gyros in Charlestown have great tasting and fresh Greek food
Greek Gyros

Mega Gyros – Charlestown, Newcastle

Unfortunately Mega Gyros Charlestown is another great food shop who no long exist.

The other night I was in Charlestown and wanted some quick take away, I don’t know the area that well but just drove around to see if I could find anything. That’s when I stumbled upon Mega Gyros.

Firstly the place looks and is very inviting, it’s clean and appears to be fairly new. When I walked in I had a tough decision of choosing what to eat as there are so many yummy options. I went with the pork Gyros in the end, and when asked if I wanted it as a combo with chips and a drink I said yes without thinking. Then I thought… I wasn’t that hungry, I’ve been hanging around my brother Colin too long where his approach to food is that you have to try everything. Though he would have also ordered a few other things from the menu just to try them, I’ll get there one day but for now I’ll just order a little more than I can eat.

Mega Gyros in Charlestown have great tasting and fresh Greek food

The owner was a great guy, he started by telling me how Gyros were far better than Kebabs and how I would enjoy it much more. Though to be honest he didn’t have to though, he’s preaching to the converted here. He was having a good old chat with me while preparing my food and I enjoyed the interaction. He was telling me how a local kebab shop were stalking him, sitting in their car for ages watching him and what was going on. So he’s either doing something right or is a conspiracy theorist… Thankfully it seems to be he’s just doing things really well and they’re jealous/competitive/sad.

The food was great. The chips were tasty with a crispy coating and seasoned very well. The Gyros was fresh, it wasn’t oily or greasy like a kebab can be (or maybe a bad Gyros). Great ingredients, great flavours, all wrapped in a fresh and tasty Pita.

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I give them an easy 8 lamb skewers (which coincidentally is what I will have next visit) out of 10.

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