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Knafeh – Sydney – Jerusalem Street Food

I give Knafeh 8.5 Lebanese drums out of 10.

Visiting Knafeh is a food experience that I really recommend. There’s singing, there’s dancing, and there’s a single dish that is done very well. That’s right, they serve only one dish. This is actually a huge attraction to me.

This is the essence of street food in my mind. Where you get an outlet selling the one thing they’ve perfected. They don’t try or need to diversify and add more food to the menu as their dish is that good. I know that when street food originated a shop owner adding a second product to their menu came with many challenges, and therefore they focused on what they could supply and doing it well. But to see this replicated in Australia is exciting and worth checking out as it needs to be very good food to survive.

Knafeh Sydney - The Bearded Bakers

The difference with Knafeh though is that they are selling more than a product, but you pay no extra for it. Included in the price is the experience. It feels like you have walked into a lively Lebanese wedding or similar. The music is great, and I really enjoyed hearing them sing in a language other than English and experience the energy they create.

The food, I don’t even remember what it tastes like and I rate it high!

Ok, I’m just joking.

I really like the food even though I saw no other description of what it is besides Jerusalem Street Food. It’s this creamy, cheesy like substance that is sprinkled with some other substance then sprayed with yet other substance. If I had to guess what the spray was maybe it’s rose water or sugar water or a combination of the two.

They run it through a pizza oven and at the other end top it with crushed pistachio nuts. They give you a little container of rose water to pour over it too.

I really enjoyed it. I could eat all of the Knafeh.

Here’s a fairly average photo of it.

Knafeh Street Food

They also served one drink too. Moroccan Tea.

I felt like a tea actually as it was raining and cold and then I found it was delicious. It was a mix of spices in water, as you would expect, but it was very delicious.

Go there and have fun and taste goodness.

It’s popular, sometimes the place grinds to a halt just so they can focus on singing, dancing, and playing a drum. But they also sing and dance and play music all night long whilst putting just as much effort into making the Knafeh. So even though you have to line up to order it’s still an entertaining experience and far from your usual boring queue.

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They operate out of a shipping container that they are always moving to new locations. To find out where they are now check out their Instagram or Facebook pages.

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