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Juicy Lucy Chicken Sydney

MOVED: Juicy Lucy have closed their doors in Surry Hills but have a pop-up at The Regent Hotel in Kingsford but will move back to the city at some point.

My Rating: An easy 8 fried and perfectly seasoned chicken tenders out of 10.

I found out about the Juicy Lucy chicken shop in Surry Hills via Instagram. Lately I’ve found Instagram to be a great app to discover new places to eat. When I’m not eating food I seem to be researching and drooling over new places to eat.

It was the Monday of a long weekend, just after 8pm, double demerit points were in force and less than an hour until closing time. But my brother and I didn’t let this deter us, even though we were about 40 minutes away from Juicy Lucy.

A lot of other food places were shut so there was no backup plan, and we weren’t going to fall back on the large fast food chain stores. So we hit the M5 and headed into the city. A few slow drivers, a few rude ones, and close call later we were at Juicy Lucy. The chicken burgers would soon be ours!

Walking up to the shop it’s not exactly what I expected. The Juicy Lucy sign doesn’t scream “professional” really. I may have even questioned if this was going to be as good as the photos on Instagram portrayed. But going inside you see they have their own style, and when it comes to food you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Unless it’s cover screams don’t eat here as you will get sick… but this shop doesn’t at all so all was good.

Juicy Lucy chicken burgers, Sydney
Juicy Lucy front counter
Juicy Lucy chicken shop inside
Juicy Lucy chicken burger menu
Juicy Lucy extras
Juicy Lucy chicken burgers, shop front

Juicy Lucy describe themselves as “A classic Aussie chicken shop with a South East Asian influence” and let me tell you, Juicy Lucy know what they’re about. If you like, or see the potential of, KFC then this is KFC on crack. If you don’t like it then it’s nothing like it.

Ok so the only similarity with KFC is that it is fried. This chicken is amazing. It reminds me a little of Chinese Salt and Pepper Chicken. Maybe it’s like Chinese Salt and Pepper Chicken… on crack!

After receiving our order, then taking a bunch of photos for the internet, we started with the burgers. My brother took a bite first and as soon as it hit his taste buds he started at me “Oh man! Have a bite! Take a bite, take a bit!”

His eyes had been opened to chicken with a South East Asian influence. These burgers are delicious, the chicken amazing, the sriracha mayo amazing, it’s all amazing.

The Juicy Lucy Burger

We couldn’t just order the Juicy Lucy Burger though, but of course wanted to order a side of something too. Even though we had been snacking back at home already I was keen to try another of their menu offerings. My gut told me to go with the Fried Chicken Tenders. Turns our my gut is an absolute genius!

Juicy Lucy Fried Chicken Tenders

I loved these! You should definitely go to Juicy Lucy and try the fried chicken tenders. We were also handed a box of chips, there was a little confusion when we ordered and I’m not even sure if we paid for them. We really couldn’t fit them in either but did have a few and they were great, they had some really tasty seasoning on them.

Juicy Lucy Chips

I really recommend that you take the time to visit and try the food at Juicy Lucy.

Juicy Lucy Website

They don’t seem to have one so here’s a link to their Facebook page

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Juicy Lucy Location

Now at the Regent Hotel, Kingsford

418 Anzac Pde., Kingsford NSW 2032

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