Harry's Cafe de Wheels are the dependable pie that you keep going back for
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Harry’s Café de Wheels #DirtyStreetPie

I easily give Harry’s Cafe de Wheels 8.5 of the tastiest Chunky Beef Pies out of 10.

Harry’s Café de Wheels is a great place to go when you want dependable, very tasty, food as it’s always consistent. That sounds like I’m not giving it the best wrap, but it really is great, the pies for instance are pies you could eat all day. I don’t know if they enter into any pie competitions or the like but they don’t have to as they are a great pie and everyone who has tasted one knows it!

They’re tasty, with chunky filling when you expect chunky filling, they’re not made of that small chopped up mince and watery gravy you can get in a pie, but great chunks of meat and a thick pie gravy that tastes amazing. One of the best pies around.

Then, as pictured above, on their signature pie they add potato mash, mushy peas, and gravy. This gravy too is fantastic, you could slurp it off the top and be satisfied with the taste by itself.

I’d say that most times I go stay with my family in Sydney my brother and I will nearly always go to Harry’s Café de Wheels, usually for a Tiger Pie, but sometimes we branch out and try something different. We always talk about having a second too, but anyone who knows us knows we like to eat in moderation so settle at one. 😉

I recommend this very highly. If you’ve never been there it will blow your mind, if you have been there you will be used to the great taste and continue to return mind pre-blown and new state of mind now the norm and where the bar is now set.

Shops across Sydney and beyond.

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  1. Great food design. Gravy usually goes all over the plate and I have to chase it with bread. This way it’s all together, plus there’s a pie.

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