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Grumpy Donuts – Camperdown, Sydney NSW

I give Grumpy Donuts a 7.5 old school, still Jenny from the block, doughnuts out of 10.

Grumpy Donuts in Camperdown, Sydney, is a place I recommend if you want an old school doughnut. You know the ones, they have a light and fluffy centre. As opposed to the cake like doughnuts served at so many places these days.

“One of everything thanks” was our order. I forget this isn’t a normal thing to do so the reaction you get is always interesting. It’s usually a mix of surprise and asking are you serious?!

This is food. We’re serious.

They change their flavours up from time to time and were sold out of a flavour or two but we walked out with 9 different ones.

Grumpy Donuts Doughnuts, Camperdown, Sydney

Yeah there is only 7 different types showing here in their display but they had another 2 which were just ready to serve.

Picking a favourite would be a difficult task as I mostly enjoyed them all. Especially after having them side by side with the cake like doughnuts we picked up from Shortstop Coffee & Donuts just a little earlier.

As I’ve mentioned previously this is just my personal preference though, both serve good doughnuts but the more traditional type doughnut is my thing.

Grumpy Donuts also have a Raspberry White Choc Fritter and a Cinnamon Scroll.

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I have to recommend that you too get one of everything as these are super tasty as well as their doughnuts. I hear you asking if maybe you could just get one doughnut and one of these products. No, don’t do that. Just get one of everything and share them with friends.

…or eat them alone wondering why you wake up a little heavier, but much happier, than the day before. Your call.

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