Goodtime Burgers at The Exchange Hotel in Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW
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Goodtime Burgers @ the Exchange Hotel Newcastle

I give Goodtime Burgers, at the Exchange Hotel in Hamilton, Newcastle, 8 deliciously cheesy burgers out of 10

The Exchange Hotel is a cool pub in Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW. I’m not sure when but it’s been renovated and has a really cool look and feel about it and feels pretty fresh.

Goodtime Burgers is a great fit for this place. And actually would be a great addition to any hotel, pub, brewery, or anywhere similar. It’s great food to have a beer with.

Goodtime Burgers at The Exchange Hotel
Lord of the Rings Burger

Goodtime Burgers have a wide and varied menu. They, obviously, do burgers, about 8 including their burger of the week. Not to mention they do a “Man Vs Burger” challenge where if you can finish their 1kg burger in 8 minutes or less you get it free. But I say at $25 it’s good value even if you don’t finish it!

There’s also a variety of extras that you can add to your burger. A beef, mushroom, or cheese pattie, fried chicken, onion rings, halloumi, bacon, American cheese, or fries inside your burger.

They have a “Pub Classics” menu too. Parmigiana, schnitzel, pie, steak, lasange, calamari and more. Also a range of Supercharged schnitzels with a variety of toppings.

Then there’s also plenty of sides, wings, salads, loaded fries, kids meals, and they have lots of specials.

They really do have a great variety of food.

Great fillings at Goodtime Burgers Newcastle

As I sat waiting for my food to arrive I got quite excited. Looking around at the other food coming out, and those waiting on the counter to be served, everything looked so good.

In the end, because food decisions are always so tough to make, I went with the Lord of the Rings burger that has a Juicy Waygu Beef pattie, double American cheese, double bacon, hot smokey BBQ sauce, crumbed onion rings, and ranch sauce. It was a really tasty burger.

I can’t wait to go back and try more burgers and other food from here. Though it’s tough when I still have other places to visit in Newcastle and am always on limited time when there.

Goodtime Burgers Location

Goodtime Burgers at The Exchange Hotel
125 Denison St, Hamilton NSW 2303

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