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Good Times Artisan Ice Cream – Potts Point, Sydney

Unfortunately another great food place has shut down as it looks like Good Times Artisan Ice Cream is no longer operating. #sadface

I give Good Times Artisan Ice Cream
8 delicious brain freezes out of 10.

Good Times Artisan Ice Cream was our last stop on our Food Safari day. Actually it was meant to be a much earlier stop but for some reason they weren’t open despite their social media pages saying they’d be open from 12pm. Anyway, we finally made it.

To be honest I’m a little easy to annoy when it comes to your shop not being open when your Facebook page says you should be. Especially when you’re located in Potts Point and it takes forever to find a car park. Walking from where you finally get a park to find an ice cream shop shut, well there’s not much in this world that is a bigger letdown. I usually wouldn’t return…

But I had to try it. I saw a photo on Instagram that I just couldn’t go past. They have ice cream sandwiches where the cookie part is a Macaron. Seeing the photo blew my mind, I needed to eat to it. It seemed like the perfect combination to me. I was there, I had to try this.

Though when I arrived I couldn’t see it listed anywhere on the board! I looked and looked again, even though the board’s not that big. Panic was starting to set in.

Good Times Menu

Ok, I’m not going to delete that last sentence and pretend it didn’t happen. I see them on the board now, as plain as day. My bad.

Thankfully I then spotted a fridge down the back, and saw that it didn’t contain just take home packs but indeed had the Macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Good Times Artisan Ice Cream

Next to decide on a flavour, I went with the Pistachio.

Pistachio Macaron Ice Cream from Good Times

The photo quality may not be the best as someone may have been waiting in the car, in what may have not been exactly a marked car park so we had to rush out of the shop. I’ll say no more.

I loved it. I want to back and eat more of these ice cream sandwiches. They also do cookie ice cream sandwiches so if a Macaron is not your thing I still think you should pay them a visit.

I also wanted to try one of their Bells & Whistles creations. In the end I opted for the Golden Gate Time – Golden nut crumbs, biscotti, and mocca sauce. I have to say I didn’t love it. But I also have to say that the ice cream and the toppings were quality. It may have been the mocca sauce, sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t.

For example I don’t drink coffee but I do like the flavour in desserts sometimes. So this one is probably on my taste buds and not the shops fault.

Golden Gate Time from Good Times Artisan Ice Cream

For the record, the others enjoyed their ice cream.

Artisan Ice Cream
Good Times Potts Point

This is good ice cream and I recommend you check them during opening hours, whatever they may be.

Good Time Artisan Ice Cream
Mon – Fri 3pm to 10:30pm
Sat – Sun 12pm to 11pm
87B Macleay St, Potts Point

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