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Gami Chicken and Beer Sydney

I give Gami Chicken and Beer 8 sticky rice sticks out of 10

For our light snack we started with some of their Korean fried chicken or course and it was delicious. We had the tenders but you can their Korean fried chicken many different ways. Original or flavoured whole chicken or a boneless chicken where you get a bunch of breast and thigh fillets. Also in soups, salads, and on burgers, every which way it seems.

While waiting for a mate to finish work so that we could go get Wing Shack for dinner another friend and I decided to visit Gami Chicken and Beer for a late afternoon snack.

Korean Fried Chicken

You can even get a vegetarian chicken! I’m resisting the urge to make a dad joke about how the chicken only ever ate vegetables before being cooked into your delicious meal. But it’s really fried soy “meat”.

Sauces?! Of course they have sauces to go with your fried chicken. Sweet Chilli, Soy Garlic, Spicy, or Honey Mustard. I love me a bit of spicy sauce so got some of that and it was great.

On the menu there are also wings, equally as tasty I’m sure. But there’s also a dish called chicken spare ribs. Not sure what that is but I’m keen to try it one day.

Korean Fried Chicken from Gami Chicken and Beer

They have a great menu that has photos of all their dishes. I love restaurants that do this, but sometimes, like this time, it makes me want to order one of everything. I’d started to wish we were going to settle in here for the night, have beers, and try as much of their menu as we could fit in. But alas, we had other wings to try.

My mate I was with loves himself a savoury pancake so we had a Seafood and Spring Onion. It tasted fantastic and I was impressed but the chunks of seafood in it, so it’s the real deal.

Gami Chicken and Beer Savoury Pancake

There are too many dishes to list so do yourself a favour and go check them out.

We finished on the Deep Fried Rice Sticks. I think that’s what they were called as I can’t find them on their online menu to double check. I enjoyed eating these as they were like nothing I’ve ever had before. At a guess they’re boiled rice pureed, shaped and deep fried. Then they’re topped off with a sweet chilli sauce.

They’re kind of chewy but the outer layer has a crispiness to it. Very different, but something that we left none of and are worth a try.

Deep Fried Rice Sticks in Sweet Chilli Sauce from Gami Chicken and Beer

Gami Chicken and Beer Website

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Gami Chicken and Beer Locations

Central Park Mall
RB10/28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

Also Located:Castle Towers Shopping Centre 16 6, 14 Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

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NSW – Chippendale

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NSW – Castle Hill

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NSW – Castle Hill and Chippendale

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