Foghorn Brewhouse - Brewery in Newcastle NSW
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Foghorn Brewhouse Newcastle

I give Foghorn Brewhouse 7.5 vats of brewing beer out of 10

I headed to Newcastle for a food safari, because to be honest I was running out of content for my Instagram page. Which you should give a follow for photos from all the places I visit. Some which never make it into a blog as it’s only a quick snack or the like.

The plan was to try out Milky Lane around the corner before heading to Foghorn Brewhouse for a post lunch snack and to try some of their beers. I figured that I could sit back and snack on some of their smaller dishes or starters while letting lunch settle before moving on to somewhere else.

But alas, when I tried Milky Lane they were packed! They’re still relatively new in town so that’s understandable. I put my name on a wait list for them to call when table became available but was like 6-7 down the list so thought I was ages away from getting a call.

Therefore Foghorn Brewhouse would come first.

Too many beers, too little time. So as I searched the board and found one called “Newy”, what better place to start than one name after the town they brew in.

The Newy beer from Foghorn Brewery
Newy Beer

Don’t worry, they don’t short pour, I was just too quick to try it before taking a photo.

So it’s about 10 minutes or so into this beer that the call from Milky Lane comes!! Oh ohhhh.

I get put back to the bottom of the list and begin urging the food to come on. And also now realising I’m about to eat a lot of food in a short space of time. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. So here’s the order.

First comes the Grilled Chorizo, which is chorizo, of course, roasted garlic and parsley with some delicious crispy sourdough with plenty of butter on it. I really enjoyed this.

Grilled Chorizo

Then along came the Sweet Potato Chips with aioli. These too were really tasty.

Sweet Potato Chips from Foghorn Brewery Newcastle NSW

And the House Smoked Sausage served with a selection of mustards. I enjoyed this, tasting the different mustards with the sausages is a great idea. The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the serving size of the sausages. I’m in a brewery, I thought they’d be bigger, or more of them. Plus on that plate they look tiny. Plenty of mustard though!!

Most the photos I took were close ups, but here’s one that shows the portion size a little better.

Portion Size of the Foghorn Brewery Sausages
House Smoked Sausage Portion Size

And below is my preferred, more creative shot. Haha.

House Smoked Sausage
House Smoke Sausage

Then to round out my snack I needed some Patatas Bravas. Crispy potatoes dusted with salt and smoked paprika served with spicy tomato sauce. Another really tasty dish that I recommend.

potatoes from the Brewhouse
Patatas Bravas

So I was time limited, but ate a fair chunk of these dishes before I got another call from Milky Lane and had to move on.

I’d like to go back for a full meal, or to spend the afternoon there with friends snacking on their many different dishes. Drinking their many different beers.

It’s an old warehouse with good atmosphere so perfect to just hang for a few hours.

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