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Dust x Bodega 1904 pop up shop collaboration – Tramsheds, Harold Park, NSW

I would usually review restaurants or food places that are a permanent fixture. Or at least look like they will be an ongoing thing that people can get to at a later date. But this time I’ve decided that a pop up shop I visited was so good that I would share.

During the recent Food Safari with my brother we visited Tramsheds, Harold Park, or Forest Lodge, or Glebe depending on where you find their address. Anyway there was a collaboration between Dust and Bodega 1904 pumping out some delicious food.

Dust and Bodega 1904 Collaboration Menu

We still had lots of places to visit and food to eat that day so didn’t go overboard. We only ordered 4 out of the 5 dishes on offer. I may have slight regret over not eating the whole menu but I’ll just push that feeling deep down.

So in no particular order, except the one that we ate them in, here’s what we had.

We started with Bacon, Egg, and Roast Quince Slice with Fior de Latte (aka cheese, a tasty tasty cheese).

Oh. My. Goodness.

This thing was the bomb diggity.

It was cooked perfectly and that combo was amazing. Especially when you hit a larger pocket of the roast quince coupled with that delicious bread base.

Bacon, Egg, and Roast Quince slice with Fior di Latte

Next we had the Crispy Pork Belly Sanga, Baby Cos, Pickles and Tarragon on Ciabatta.

Another great dish. As mentioned in my previous post I’m a fan of the bread from Dust.

This was probably a close second favourite of mine. The pork was beautifully cooked, it had a good amount of crackle and was a generous slice. The pork skin that wasn’t crackling wasn’t too chewy either so it was easy to eat. Yum.

Pork Belly Sanga, Baby Cos, Pickles and Tarragon on Ciabatta

Next we moved on to the sweet treats.

I took a bite of the doughnut but could still taste too much of the sauce from the roll. So it was decided that we needed a palate cleanser. We went with a couple of bottles of drink they were selling. I tried the Lemon, Lime & Bitters.

For those playing along at home know that this was indeed not a smart choice. This thing was packed with flavour and did not cleanse but rather added a layer to the palate in question.

This particular brand is like normal soft drink on steroids. This and the one my brother had, the flavour of which escapes me right now, actually maybe it was ginger beer, had normal flavour to the power of 10. I think that means lots.

My gut did originally say to go with the Lemonade but no, my brain was all like shut up gut, get the one with all the flavours in it. Next time, trust your gut… unless your gut is wrong then go with your brain.

Organic Lemon, Lime and Bitters Soft Drink

So I gave my mouth some time to look after itself before attacking the Smoked Apple and Fennel Custard Doughnut with full force. When I got there though it was different to say the least. It wasn’t as sweet as the doughnuts I was used to, but I’d go back, on a fresh palate of course, and take one on again.

Lastly I tried the Stoneground Cancoli filled with Dulce de Leche. This is my kind of treat. It was so tasty. I want more.

Doughnuts and Cancoli

So all in all, if Dust and Bodega 1904 ever do another pop up store then please, learn from my mistake and order one of everything. It will be delicious.

And because I feel like my rating doesn’t matter as you may never get to taste this food I’ll give them a bazillion balls of doughnut goodness out of 14.

1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge, NSW

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  1. The sandwiches look awesome, I’m not a huge doughnut fan (I know, strange). The cannoli looks pretty good too. Fior de Latte is one of my fav’s! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

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