Drury Lane
Bakery Cafe Chocolate Dessert Pies

Drury Lane at Brewtown Newtown, Sydney

Unfortunately it seems Drury Lane Has Closed

I very much recommend Drury Lane.
I give them 8 fluffy, creamy meringues out of 10.

Drury Lane is one of the places I found out about somewhere out there in social media land. These days when I’m not eating at restaurants, cafes, or elsewhere I’m drooling over Instagram posts, searching Google, or any other number of places to find tasty food. Also anytime anyone mentions a restaurant or food place to me I make note of it to check out online later. Then I compile a list, and lately I’ve turned this into a map, of places I want to eat.

This makes it very handy when I have some spare time, especially when visiting Sydney and it’s limited, to look up somewhere close to where I am. It has also made Food Safari planning with my brother easier. For example here’s a list of Sydney Restaurants I want to eat at. This list isn’t complete but I update it as often as I get a chance.

Actually, according to said list I found out about this place through chocolatesuze.com.

Anyway, I digress.

I’m so happy to have found this place.

Drury Lane is above a coffee shop called Brewtown which you actually enter via. Brewtown looks pretty cool too and one day I might visit but today we had plenty of other cafés or restaurants to visit and have a sit down meal at.

Plus this was a patisserie, and bakeries/patisseries have a preference when touring Sydney with my baker brother. He loves his job, industry, baking, and seeing what others are doing. The freak even loves his hours and doesn’t understand how people work “normal” hours and deal with all the traffic on Sydney roads.

Drury Lane - Brewtown, Newtown
Drury Lane Upstairs

When you get to the top of the stairs you find this space that I’m not entirely sure what is going on in. Down one end you have Drury Lane then you have some seating and I think what was another business at the other end. There was DJ, or random guy on a laptop etc, playing some tunes. I’m not sure if this is a regular occurrence or not.

Drury Lane Sydney

You might think me slack for not checking it out, and you might read about this place elsewhere where people will let you know what the deal is. But my brother and I were here for the food, and to check out the atmosphere as well of course. Which may again make me lazy for not seeing what the deal was with this entire space but we were already on our way to slipping into a mid afternoon food coma so needed to keep our eye on the prize.

For those only just reading this blog post we were mid way through a food safari, eating as much as we could, from as many places that we could get to, in a day. Not rushed, taking time to check out restaurants, bakeries, and other food outlets properly, but being tasked focused and efficient when needed.

Bakery Newtown, Sydney

Looking into the cabinets there were some tasty looking treats.

Drury Lane Bakery
Drury Lane sweets

Unfortunately it looks like we missed out on the Vanilla Slice.


But what we didn’t miss out on was the Lemon Meringue! This, in hindsight, I am very very thankful for. We decided to eat it now and get a whole bunch of other goodies to take home.

Lemon meringue pie
Lemon meringue pie

This. Was. Amazing.

It had the creamiest meringue that I think I’ve ever had. So delicious. Go to Drury Lane and eat this. Now.

For the record the whole thing was great, not just the meringue part of it. 😉

So here are some photos of the other tasty treats we took home. Though a little disclaimer… Somebody, and I won’t name him even though he was the only other person with me at the time, may have dropped the box as we were walking back to the car. They still look ok though, and to be honest the quality of the photo is far worse than the damage.

Drury Lane Biscuit
Drury Lane Biscuits
Drury Lane Cookies
Drury Lane Brownie

So all in all, this is a cool place to hang out and eat. Oh they also have pies and sausage rolls that look very tasty, and you can order drinks from Brewtown and they’ll bring them upstairs to you once they’re ready.

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