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Downtown Brooklyn Penrith, Sydney

I give Downtown Brooklyn 6.5 milk buns out of 10.

Downtown Brooklyn is a burger place I found as I was about to head home from Sydney on one occasion. I wanted to find one last place to eat before heading west. I didn’t have anywhere already on my Sydney restaurant bucket list in the Penrith area that was close to the M4 so it was Google to the rescue.

Downtown Brooklyn seemed to rate alright and looked to be serving a nice big American Style burger. I didn’t waste time doing too much research into them but just set the GPS to direct me there and went.

So I arrived to this scene which is not what I expected…

Downtown Brooklyn Penrith

That’s it on the left, that set of doors which leads to a staircase.

Up to Downtown Brooklyn

I hesitated a little as I was really hoping for a take away place and I had the feeling this wasn’t one. But I thought stuff it, I’ll take a little while longer, even though the drive home is long enough already, and just do it.

I haven’t often eaten in at a restaurant on my own so it was a little awkward. But food is my life now so I guess this is what I do, this is what the new me involves. I was seated quickly and starting looking at the menu.

I had decided on having the Downtown Brooklyn burger, figuring their namesake burger would have to be their best. Though when the waitress came and I asked what their most popular burger was and she informed it was The Riff I changed my mind. So I told her I would have that burger, a Bowl of Chips with Biggy Sauce, and a glass of water.

Downtown Brooklyn even serve their water in a mason jar! I know serving drinks you pay for in a mason jar is the cool thing to do, but hadn’t seen it done with water before. I’m actually not as excited about this as I sound, just was surprised and thought I’d share.

Glass of Water

Then The Riff Burger and my chips came out.

Downtown Brooklyn, The Riff Burger
Downtown Brooklyn Chips with Biggy Sauce

Let’s start with the burger.

I don’t know if I made a rookie error. If so it’s a little disappointing it wasn’t pointed out to me. As I was waiting for my food I saw others receive their burger and chips in a basket, whereas my burger was a plate that was too big for it and my chips separate. So if chips were included in the price of the burger, which although a given in the past is no longer the case, then I paid extra for a standard and got a little bit of sauce with it.

Maybe that wasn’t the case. Though the overall price I was happy with so I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

The Riff Burger is a Waygu beef patty, crispy chicken, American cheese, maple bacon, lettuce, tomato, and juicy sauce, served on a milk bun.

The menu stated that all burgers were cooked medium and if you wanted well done then you just had to request it. I was looking forward to medium, but unfortunately the beef was well done. The coating on the chicken was tasty, the burger overall was a good burger. The chicken was cooked ever so slightly too much, but besides that and the beef being well done it’s a tasty burger.

The chips were ok. Fairly standard chips, no amazing seasoning and to be honest the Biggy sauce wasn’t something that made me want to lick the container clean. There was plenty leftover at the end.

They were flat out this day, so I guess some slight things not being perfect can be excused a little. Though I do have a belief that food should be consistent, you should get just as good a burger when they are flat out as when you’re the only one there.

I guess that I recommend this place. I would go again and try more of their food and even have the same again. Go there, eat, and leave content and full.

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At the time of posting this they didn’t have a website so here’s their Facebook page

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1/269 High St, Penrith NSW 2750

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