Doughnut Time, Newtown, Sydney, NSW

Doughnut Time – Newtown, Sydney, NSW

All NSW Doughnut Time locations have shut down, so if you want one of their doughnuts you’ll have to take a road trip to Queensland or Victoria.

I give Doughnut Time… 6 very non-descriptive doughnut names, out of 10.

It’s a long weekend and I’m in Sydney. Which means it’s time to try some new food places, and even more so as my sister is in town and my baker brother lives here. So this is a perfect storm of people wanting to try new and tasty food. First stop was Doughnut Time in Newtown.

Unfortunately it’s high season in the baking industry so Baker Bro was busy pumping out Hot Cross Buns. Two 24 hour shifts later and we think we have him back for a couple of days. Anyway, enough about him, let’s talk Doughnut Time.

We nicked the BMW, because you know, when in Rome, and drove into Newtown.

The shop was closed, but the window full of doughnuts. Thankfully the sign on the door said they’d be back in 10 minutes though. So all was ok as it would take us at least that long to decide what to have. When the girl returned we found out she was the only shop staff on today and was on her lunch break. I like food, she was out eating food, so my tolerance and sympathy levels were high.

We chose to try 2 of their doughnuts. For many reasons, not the least of which the fact that there’s a whole city of food out there to try and only so many hours. So if we try them all we would be too full to eat anything else today.

My sister had chosen well ahead of time. She knew that “It’s Always A Gay Time” was the one that she had to try first.

It's Always A Gay Time - Doughnut Time, Newtown, Sydney

She told me where she had heard about it and why she wanted that one, but to be honest I didn’t take in what she said too well. My focus was on doughnuts and trying to first narrow it down to 5, then 3, then my top 2, then finally the 1 that I would suggest we try as our second.

Don’t go thinking men can only do one thing at a time or some other such garbage, there’s times in our lives that require undivided attention. Food choices are one of these. So I was rightly focused on the right thing at the right time. You’re welcome Sis.

The one I decided on, well I narrowed it down to 2 to be honest and found the last decision the hardest so sister girl helped choose the final one. I/we/whoever chose the “Liam Hemsworthy” which is super descriptive. But in case you weren’t sure what it is it’s “red velvet doughnut with a vegan cookies & cream frosting, crushed choc ripple biscuits and a vegan chocolate glaze drizzle!”

Liam Hemsworthy Doughnut from Doughnut Time, Newtown, Sydney

While I’m at it the It’s Always A Gay Time is “milk chocolate glaze, crushed biscuits, golden caramelised crepes and filled with honeycomb custard!”

They were good. They were tasty. I liked eating them.

I preferred the Liam Hemsworthy as I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the red velvet doughnut. The rest of the doughnut and the overall combination worked really well. Nice work Doughnut Time.

The thing I didn’t like… they were $6.70 each. I’m not a fan of that price.

I’ve mentioned the price of doughnuts briefly before, at that time I was having a little whinge about $4+. Though I’m way more accepting of $4 doughnuts these days. But I still don’t see why a single doughnut needs to break the $5 mark. If it’s part of a larger dish then yeah I get that, but $6.70 for even the fanciest doughnut doesn’t sit well with me.

Doughnut Time Window Display

So, in summary, good product, good display, good service and cleanliness and all that, but the price let’s them down. A good doughnut to eat if it’s not out of your way to get to and you’re not scared away by the pricing.

Ok, so this post here marks my first attempt at switching from a rating system out of 5 to one out of 10. 5 has felt such a restricting number to try and rate within so it’s time to shake things up.

Doughnut Time

128 King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042

It is a franchise with locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne though. So use the Googles for other locations, or visit their website.

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  1. Sounds like the donuts were totally worth the wait 🙂 I haven’t tried the Liam Hemsworth one..I know what I’ll be using my DT loyalty card free donut voucher for!

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