Doughnuts from Doughheads are exactly what Newcastle, and the world, needs...

Doughheads – The Junction, Newcastle

I give Dougheads a 9 yummy caramel filled doughnuts out of 10

Mmmmmmm Doughnuts

I have to admit when donuts went from being multiple for a couple of dollars to $4+ each my already low consumption numbers dropped even further. But more recently my eyes have been opened and I now know spending money on good food is not wasting money but is a wise investment. So whenever I find myself in Newcastle I always try and get to Doughheads.

One of the great things about Doughheads is that they are always bringing out new flavours of doughnuts. But they also hold on to what I imagine are their best sellers as there’s some you can get every time.

Like the Maple Bacon. This is a good donut. It’s true that bacon goes with everything!

This time I also tried the Couch Potato, one that is new to me but they’ve had about a month I think. It has butterscotch icing and is topped with salted potato chips and pecans. I was unsure how it would go, but in the mood to try something different. The chips as you can imagine weren’t the most crisp but they did still have some crunch in them and the pecans were yum! It works, is eat it again… and again… and again…

I like that as their “plain” donuts they do a cinnamon and a vanilla glaze as it seems most fancy doughnuts shops on do the latter these days but I love a good, fresh, warm cinnamon doughnut.

They also have a Gluten Free doughnut everyday, and not only do they change this regularly which I’m sure all the coeliac people love but they are sometimes the most amazing looking doughnut in the display. There’s no having to eat the same old food or having a lesser tasting alternative but they are as good as the rest of them. (Little bit of a disclaimer, they’re only allowed to advertise them as “low gluten” due to them being made in the same kitchen as the other doughnuts but they did tell me that everything is separate from the rest of the cooking. Everything is cleaned down and they are made at a different time with different bowls, knives, in a different fryer etc etc etc so do everything they can to ensure they’re a gluten free doughnut)

Here is a pic of their gluten free Lemon Meringue doughnut. Looks so delicious!!

The shop is relatively new as they moved later last year and is a great place to sit. They also have large viewing windows into the kitchen so that you can see all that is going on.

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