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Dahab Cafe, Dubbo

Dahab Cafe. If you’re after a nice lunch that you can count on being consistent in taste and quality each time you go there then give Dahab Cafe a go.

If you’re wondering what to order or can’t make up your mind then I highly recommend starting with the Dahab Chicken. There has been times where I’ve eaten here with others and 4 out 5 people have ordered this. Time after time this happens.

The reason people keep going back for the Dahab chicken because of the sauce. I’d say it was like crack but I don’t enjoy crack, at least I don’t think I do, I’ve never tries it. So let’s just say it’s like a sauce that you can’t get enough of, it makes you want to lick the plate at the end of the meal, or to save some up and put it in your purse to enjoy at home later. You wish they bottled this stuff.

This has become my go to as well, which goes against my want to try everything, but it is good.

Overall I give Dahab Cafe Dubbo a solid 7.5 chicken crack sauces out of 10.

Where to find them

197 Brisbane St, Dubbo NSW 2830

Phone: 02 6884 5320

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