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Gami Chicken and Beer Sydney

I give Gami Chicken and Beer 8 sticky rice sticks out of 10 For our light snack we started with some of their Korean fried chicken or course and it was delicious. We had the tenders but you can their Korean fried chicken many different ways. Original or flavoured whole chicken or a boneless chicken […]

Burgers Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Wings

Wing Shack Kings Park

I give Wing Shack 5.5 out of 10 Tempura Battered Rings Wing Shack is a long way out if you’re driving from some parts of Sydney but if you check out their Instagram page it looks like it’s 100% worth it! So after approximately 47 hours of travel, and a quick snack at Gami Chicken […]

Beer Burgers Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Wings

Belles Hot Chicken Sydney

Belles Hot Chicken do good fried chicken with a choice of ways to have it like tenders, wings, or drumsticks. They also do fish and even mushrooms as a meat option. There’s lots of tasty sides including mac and cheese, coleslaw, pickled vegetables and of course fries, to name a few. Overall I like this […]

Burgers Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Wings

Juicy Lucy Chicken Sydney

MOVED: Juicy Lucy have closed their doors in Surry Hills but have a pop-up at The Regent Hotel in Kingsford but will move back to the city at some point. My Rating: An easy 8 fried and perfectly seasoned chicken tenders out of 10. I found out about the Juicy Lucy chicken shop in Surry Hills via […]

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Chicken and Sons – World Square, Liverpool St, Sydney CBD, NSW

Unfortunately they have shut down at this location, but GOOD NEWS! They are in 3 other locations as shown below. Lilyfield, Marrickville, and Surry Hills. I’m giving Chicken & Sons 8 fried chickens out of 10… but reserving the right to adjust that once I’ve chowed down on more of their chickeny goodness. We ate […]