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Food food food, how good is food?!?!

I have recently taken up a new hobby and that is eating all the food from all the shops I can find. Ok, so that’s a slight exaggeration but you get the idea. What I most like is that which falls closer to the Street Food end of the scale rather than Fine Dining.

It’s the take away, food van or market stall food that I search out most often. Though I do enjoy a good bakery, café, or doughnut shop, which may or may not fall into this category but is at that end of the scale.

I love discovering new places and sharing these experiences with friends. Though I am not at all afraid to eat alone. I also have a new theory that you cannot wasted money on good food, but rather it’s a wise investment.

Though I may have to do a push-up every once in a while because it’s not exactly a hobby that is too good for you. I’ve also found that as with all new hobby’s you want to practice it as often as possible.

For instance I recently went on a weekend away and all I could do was think about trying new foods. I researched, planned, and ate as much as I could fit in. Both in my stomach and time wise. You end up eating a lot more calories in a day than you normally would.

Therefore, if there’s a little time between my blogs I’m probably just trying to get back to a size that allows me to wear pants.

I’m still very green on the food scene, but I’m ready to put the effort in.