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South Dubbo Tavern

The South Dubbo Tavern is a tough one to rate as it’s a bit of a regular but I give them a solid 7 pots of spicy mayo out of 10 The Tav is the place that I eat at most probably. My local. A bunch of us go there each Monday after Ultimate Frisbee. […]

Burgers Chicken Chicken Tenders Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Gluten Free Options Pub Steak Wings

Grain Store Newcastle

I give the Grain Store 7 lettuce filled burgers out of 10 The Grain Store is in Newcastle East, at the pointy end of town. Where you have beaches on one side and on the other the inlet to the ports where all the Cargo Ships and the like come in. For the beer lovers, […]

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Elwood’s Eatery Orange

I’m giving Elwood’s Eatery 8 crispy waffle fries out of 10 Elwood’s Eatery is the retail space incarnation of Smoking Brothers Catering. And Smoking Brothers Catering does all the good things you would imagine a name like that describes. Words you’d associate with them would be things like smoked meats, brisket, beef, pork, sausages, pulled, […]

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Gami Chicken and Beer Sydney

I give Gami Chicken and Beer 8 sticky rice sticks out of 10 For our light snack we started with some of their Korean fried chicken or course and it was delicious. We had the tenders but you can their Korean fried chicken many different ways. Original or flavoured whole chicken or a boneless chicken […]

Burgers Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Wings

Wing Shack Kings Park

I give Wing Shack 5.5 out of 10 Tempura Battered Rings Wing Shack is a long way out if you’re driving from some parts of Sydney but if you check out their Instagram page it looks like it’s 100% worth it! So after approximately 47 hours of travel, and a quick snack at Gami Chicken […]