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Carl’s Jr. Redbank Plains Brisbane

I give Carl’s Jr. Redbank Plains
5 mediocre burgers out of 10

As you may know Carl’s Jr. is from America, which, you are sure to know, is the land of the free. Therefore they have access to all the freedom needed to make the best fast food restaurants in the world. No Barriers holding them back.

They fought hard for freedom and believe so deeply in the freedom that at one point they even took away France’s right to have the humble French fry named after them and renamed them freedom fries!

So surely America can do whatever it takes to make the best tasting burgers in the world. Nothing should stop them, not calories, not bureaucrats, not fear of an obesity epidemic, not anything.

Can you imagine though how one would feel if they misused this freedom. Or at least did not invest some of it into their fast food industry. Yet here I am, eating Carl’s Jr. wondering if maybe there’s a chance that they did not do so.

Let’s start with the Cheeseburger.

carlsjr.com.au, you can tell from their photos that they clearly had ingredients missing from the burgers they served me.

As I ate the Cheeseburger I commented to my sister how it was strange that they didn’t put pickles on their burgers. Was that an American thing I ask?! Why wouldn’t they?! Pickles are massive these days, they are on so many burgers these days, especially a Cheeseburger. On their website the cheeseburger image clearly has pickles on it, yet there were zero pickles on the one I ate.

Now The Monster Burger, which I ordered not only because of it’s size but it was being advertised hard within their restaurant and looked good. Here’s what I got served.

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Carl’s Jr. Redbank Plains QLD Location

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