Bernard's Bakery Bathurst
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Bernard’s Bakery, Bathurst

I’m driving through Bathurst one day and you know what I really feel like?! A Vietnamese Pork Roll, or Banh Mi if you will.

These are hard to come by at times west of Sydney but nonetheless I hit up Google to see if there was anywhere I could get one.

That’s when I discovered Bernard’s Bakery. It’s your standard-ish type bakery with hot bread, pastries, cakes, slices, sandwiches, and pies. But they also have all the ingredients for Vietnamese Pork Rolls in the sandwich cabinet and make them to order.

Vietnamese Pork Roll

Not a bad looking roll.

It was a good roll, had all the right tastes, possibly could have been a little more generous with the filling. Though having said that it was filling and still a good amount of food. Drop in and have one for lunch.

So I’m in a bakery and I love a good neenish tart so picked up one of those too.

Pink and White, not traditional, ok to be honest I don’t know what a traditional Neenish tart looks like but I am used to them being brown and pink.

It’s a tasty tart. Well made, good pastry base, mock cream and icing.

Drop by and give them a try.

I give them 6.5 buckets of mock cream out of 10

Where to find them

97 George St, Bathurst NSW 2795

Phone: 02 6331 2042

Bernard’s Bakery on the web


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