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Dahab Cafe, Dubbo

Dahab Cafe. If you’re after a nice lunch that you can count on being consistent in taste and quality each time you go there then give Dahab Cafe a go. If you’re wondering what to order or can’t make up your mind then I highly recommend starting with the Dahab Chicken. There has been times […]

Food & Restaurant Reviews

Flour Drum, Newtown

Flour Drum is a place that I have wanted to visit for a while now. I finally got there, but unfortunately not on a completely empty stomach and full wallet. So this time I was to settle for a standard single lunch, rather than ordering a few things. But that’s ok, I’ll head back another […]


Epic Pizza Enmore

I give Epic Pizza Enmore 7 loud New Yorkers out of 10. Epic Pizza in Enmore serve New York style pizza. We’re talking big slices and those New York style toppings. You can buy by the slice or whole pizzas in varying sizes. It’s good tasty pizza and I recommend you give it a go. […]

Beer Burgers Chicken Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Gluten Free Options Pub Schnitzel Steak Wings

Goodtime Burgers @ the Exchange Hotel Newcastle

I give Goodtime Burgers, at the Exchange Hotel in Hamilton, Newcastle, 8 deliciously cheesy burgers out of 10 The Exchange Hotel is a cool pub in Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW. I’m not sure when but it’s been renovated and has a really cool look and feel about it and feels pretty fresh. Goodtime Burgers is a […]

Beer Burgers Chicken Dessert Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Gluten Free Options

Milky Lane Newcastle

I give Milky Lane Newcastle a solid 8 creamy and delicious looking cocktails out of 10 For those regular followers you would have read on my Foghorn Brewhouse post that I’ve gone into Milky Lane over-snacked. But not to worry, I got this. I had a short walk between the two places and a long […]

Beer Burgers Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Gluten Free Options Pizza Schnitzel Steak

Foghorn Brewhouse Newcastle

I give Foghorn Brewhouse 7.5 vats of brewing beer out of 10 I headed to Newcastle for a food safari, because to be honest I was running out of content for my Instagram page. Which you should give a follow for photos from all the places I visit. Some which never make it into a […]

Burgers Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Gluten Free Options Wings

Burger Urge Dubbo

I give Burger Urge Dubbo 8 well seasoned fries out of 10… but, with a few tweaks this could easily be an 8.5+ restaurant. Let’s start with the good… The burgers are really tasty. So tasty my kids will actually eat here and they don’t eat anything, anywhere. But the adults find them just as […]

Burgers Dessert Fried Chicken Fries/Chips Wings

Pattysmiths Toowoomba

I give Pattysmiths of Towoomba 8.5 well loaded onion rings out of 10 Pattysmiths has a few locations across Queensland and Victoria and according to their website,, a few more on the way. If they can replicate the quality that they have in their Toowoomba store across all of their stores then they are […]

Burgers Fries/Chips Ice Cream

Carl’s Jr. Redbank Plains Brisbane

I give Carl’s Jr. Redbank Plains 5 mediocre burgers out of 10 As you may know Carl’s Jr. is from America, which, you are sure to know, is the land of the free. Therefore they have access to all the freedom needed to make the best fast food restaurants in the world. No Barriers holding […]