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  1. I am a Mexican food fanatic. It started way back when I used to work at a Mexican food restaurant. (They didn’t have the best food though). Then I moved to CA and got spoiled with the Mexican food there. And unbelievably, there is a great restaurant in the town I live in. SCORE! Great review! There are never enough reviews of Mexican food! Nor is there enough time to eat as many burritos as we want!

  2. I love Mexican food. I grew up in the states and after living many years in the South, Mexican food is in my heart. I’m on the Sunshine Coast and I don’t have a ‘local’here that I adore. Loved the squeezing to get everything together.

  3. I’m a self confessed Mexican food addict myself and totally agree that homemade or the real deal is the best. I was just having that discussion last week with my family when we were having trouble finding a GOOD Mexican restaurant in Sydney. We are going to try Flying Fajita Sisters in Glebe next, apparently they’re the best in Sydney.
    Though as far as fast chain food stores go, I like Zambreros. Even more for their Mexican with a Mission initiative, such a great idea!

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