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These are all the posts tagged Bakery which include bakery products, sweets, treats, pastries. Bakeries that I have visited or related products that I have eaten elsewhere. Let’s face it bakeries sometimes make some of the most tempting and amazing products.

My brother is a baker, my sister works in a bakery, bakeries seem to form large part of our lives. So when we are together we love to visit bakeries we haven’t before. Then we attempt try as many different things as we can!

My brother is like my mentor in this area, to watch him work his magic at ordering and discussing product is beautiful. It is for this reason that one day I can only hope to be half the bakery consumer that he is.

Racine Bakery in Orange NSW has some fantastic product that you should try if in the area 2

Racine Bakery – Orange NSW

Today I was in Orange, so to feed my latest habit of eating all the food I thought I should try somewhere new while there. Therefore I did a little research before I went and decided to check out Racine Bakery....