Late for Class – Nowhere High

The last week of the school term was always the best week, the later in year that it was the better the week, and the later in the week the better the day. By better I mean more casual and less work as the majority of teachers seemed to be just winding down to holidays and were almost willing them to start earlier by giving you less work or very easy work that didn’t really need doing cause they didn’t want to engage in anything too strenuous.

The last week of term had rolled around again and it was both late in the week and in the year so things were very casual indeed. We were just hanging around on the back oval kicking rocks and talking about pointless things even though the bell had rang about five minutes ago for us to go to class. We gathered there wasn’t much going on in class so thought we might skip this period and maybe go to the next one and figured everyone we were with had the same idea.

Then after a little while those others asked what we were doing and when we told them they replied saying that they just had a free period and that they heard that the teachers were still marking the class attendance rolls. So we looked at each other and without saying a word started running across the oval, up the stairs, hard left, along the corridor, hard left again and along the next corridor.

Our classroom was straight ahead at the end of this corridor and there were three of us running in single file, I was second in line and as we reach the door still running the first guy reaches out, grabs the door handle and pushes it down. The guy behind me and I didn’t slow down but rather gave him a push which should have added a nice effect of him bursting through the door and then we would slow down and walk through. Though what we couldn’t see was that the teacher was standing right behind the door giving her lesson and as the door flung open it slammed into her arm. As we realised what happened we instinctively knew there was no saving the person ahead of us but that we still had a chance so we peeled off to the right down another corridor.

As the two of us were hiding around the corner out of sight all we could hear is the teacher yelling at the first guy about what he did and how he could have broken her arm. She tore strips off of him for a while, talking about how he could have broken her arm and the like, and we being the close friends we are left it for a few seconds before casually walking through the door, behind the teacher and him while the yelling continued.

As we entered we naturally acted as if we had no idea what had happened and looked at the class as if to ask what was going on. It turns out she hadn’t noticed us running behind him as she didn’t stop us so we just casually took a seat and watched the fireworks.


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